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FAIZ written by M.Taokia and F.Romia


Livin hard in South Auckland
too many enemies
fake friends,bullshitters and wanna be g's..shit
What ever happened to the descent brothers hangin' 'round here
Gotta reach those Otara standards
dats why they can't compare
the similarity of livin in Otara scene
close to impossible brother,they smokin' all my green
I got the best shit lingering in Otara town
and if you follow the smell thats where I will be found
They call me Faiz 2
rippin up from ol' skool
still got the hip hop elements in my veins too
born and raised and representin what I do
Theres a storm on the way its mothafuckin' Faiz 2



Imagine as a youngster in the island ways
blisters on my fingers shoveling dirt everyday
in the ol'mans garden
he was a hard man too
fuckin smackin' me up
just to show me what to do
so I ran away from home to the criminal activities
live my life like a g,no possibilities
don't give a shit about whats goin on around me
as long as I got my earns,my weed and my gees
thats how it is when you livin up in OTC
intimidating as can be
made a man outta me
back then it was so muthafuckin' hardcore
thats where I learnt my hood style
fuckin Faiz 2


Im the type of brother,keeps to myself
still lookin so good and staying in good health
so all you jealous brother haters put your dicks in your mouth
theres a storm on the way
its Faiz 2 from the south
and to you fake ass wannabe wise
think you know it all's
heres a little wisdom open up your doors
execute them to the mind of misery
reminicing bad bitch life history
gotcha thinkin and wonderin what the fuck is goin' on
playin with your mind makes your status gone wrong
just another dose of Faiz 2 side affects
manipulate the mind just to see whats next
true friends are the only way that you can see
but you know what it is
its just jealousy




from baisplayabeatbox#2, track released October 4, 2009
produced by baisplaya for BaisplayaMusic



all rights reserved


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